Matthew Wright

Social media guru and author Kristen Lamb recently posted on the problem of e-books being ‘free’ – and the issues that follow from the new cultural ‘norm’ where authors are paid for other writing-associated work with ‘exposure’, not cash.

Yes, this IS my typewriter. What's it doing on the Wellington Writers Walk? Er - introductions... Yes, this IS my typewriter. What’s it doing on the Wellington Writers Walk? Er –

Kristen argues that the result will basically kill professional writing for authors, and she’s right. I’ve been in the business professionally over 30 years and I haven’t seen anything quite as radical as what’s happening now. And alas, the return on books for both publishers and authors is dwindling on top of it.

To my mind the problem is the fact that we are in the middle of a revolution. It’s not ‘print vs electronic’ (a total red herring that mis-states the issue) but a more fundamental and complex change of consumer habits, price expectations, production…

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