Inspirational Images. GEORGE KARBUS

As soon as I first saw this stunning photograph I was overcome by the fact that it depicted precisely a key scene in my novel. The point at which the hero is forced to face the unbearable nature of his  mortality and appraise his own self worth.


In the passing of an instant everything stopped and there he stood at the bottom of the ocean in perfect stillness. He gazed into a strange and eerie light that seemed to draw closer as the fear in his heart faded. An amazing tunnel was extending towards him, smooth shiny walls in the night. Reaching his hand out to touch it he wondered, if he were to die in that moment, where would the life inside him go. His heart, bursting with unspent love and the breathtaking happiness in his soul, just disappearing into the ocean. Two more handfuls of salt dissolving in a world barely able to justify its own existence.

He heard a rushing sound as the sea inhaled again just before it struck him in the chest. A wall of sand and stones that blew him off his feet and sent him back out, his last thought escaping him in a long trail of bubbles.

‘Stop fighting now Thomas—it’s over.’

* * * *

Of course the photograph was taken by a professional photographer by the name of George Karbus who was inspired by the beauty of nature itself.  A Gallery  of his stunning work can be found here


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