**** You’ve succeeded in doing the thing that matters most in a story like this, which is to make the reader care about the protagonists. You’ve also got that other thing that is a mark of a good writer, the ability to keep things interesting when, overtly, not a lot is happening – just the slow building of character.

Overall it reminds me strongly of something else I read recently and enjoyed – Eyrie by Tim Winton.

***** for those who like this sort of thing, this is surely the sort of thing they will like.

****I like this. I thought it was a light, enjoyable read, but then you gave a hit of something dark about to happen when she is in the taxi. You have a very readable flow which makes it so easy to slip through the pages, and you are keeping me on the hop with what exactly is going on.  *****



Girl-Gun1***** Where this really shines for me though, is the MC. He has to be one of the most wonderful, complex characters I have come across. That contradiction between careful thinking and somewhat irrational actions is most interesting, and his devotion to Shelley in the face of her wanton disgust for him is really endearing. I can’t think of a better way to make the readers root for a character. *****

 **** That you made me feel this amount of annoyance is testament to your consummate ability. *****


COVER***** A great read ! Let me know when your next book is available please. *****


***** I was a little shocked by the violence, when it happens it’s quite bad and the sex was very raw and took me by surprise, but that’s just some of the things that make it different.****


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